Sunday, January 16, 2011

War of the Words

There are a zillion cliche's........

Many of them in my life, start like this....  "You know your a homeschooler when..........."
and you can just fill in the blank...

Friday we had a case of  " You know your a homeschooler when.... your children have an argument using SAT vocabulary words."

We are reviewing a product that is targeted at helping students grasp these big ole' words.....  I am happy to report, that 2 chapters in....  it is working....

It went like this.... ( Don't worry... I will put the definitions at the end of the post )

Evan:  "You know, I don't think I could like a girl that wore Neon colors like that..." ( referring to a person he saw in the parking lot wearing NEON pink.) " It is just a bit superfluous, don't you think?"

Tayler: " Gosh Evan! You don't have to lampoon her just because she is wearing bright colors."

Evan: " Geez Tay, you don't have to harangue me just for having an opinion."

Tayler: " Vilify, vilify, that all you know how to do?"

Evan:  " You just baffle me sometimes.."

I completely lost it.....  I mean laugh out loud LOST it, when she said , vilify, vilify, vilify.....  They mock argue often... and sometimes it gets loud... but it is always done as a war of wits, to see who can come back with the best one liner... never to be mean or hurtful......  I sort of liken it to our homeschool version of debate team.

It was absolutely hilarious to hear them incorporating these new words into their war of words....
Can't wait to hear what my wordsmiths come up with next.


Superfluous: being more than is required, excessive.
Lampoon: to make fun of or mock
Harangue: a long blustering speech or a rant
Vilify: to criticize harshly or to defame
Baffle: to confuse or frustrate someone

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