Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tickets on Sale NOW! + a giveaway!!!

Are you ready?

Tickets for The Schoolhouse Expo.....go on sale TODAY!!! 

From today, January 26, 2011 until February 9, 2011 the price is only $19.95.  Mark your calendars now to attend this great time of learning and encouragement.  The Expo is held from May 16th - 20th.

I live at the corner of the Middle of Nowhere and the Boondocks.  Going to a traditional homeschool convention is not an option for me.  I am 5 hours from the nearest one in my state.  To attend, I have to factor in the cost of fuel, hotel, and meals.  It just adds up, and it would be a financial drain on our family's resources.  The Schoolhouse Expo helps me be a good steward of our finances; it is just a wealth of encouragement and information.  I can attend the Expo without ever leaving my home.  We don't need to take time off of school, I can still oversee lessons as I listen.  I can drink as much coffee as I want to, and even stay in my pajamas!  I have made dinner, and cleaned the kitchen all while listening to the streaming audio.

Another reason I like the Expo is the exposure to new products.  Listening to the Vendor Workshops, helps me evaluate the curriculum I am using, and keeps me up to date on new products that are available.  Even if it might not be a product I will purchase, I have had the opportunity to learn about it, and can offer it as an option to someone that it might be perfect for.

Hopefully, I have inspired you to head on over to the Schoolhouse Expo webpage, and check it out for yourself.

You will never guess what is coming next........

I feel so important..........

I actually have a giveaway.......  (something I always thought was reserved for FAMOUS blogger like type people..... and I am SO not famous.......but having a giveaway makes me feel famous)

sorry about the inner monologue...

Back to the Details.

I have one FREE ticket to the Schoolhouse Expo and it includes all the freebies that they are giving away for all the folks who take advantage of Early Bird Registration.
Isn't that exciting? 

.... it is to me....I love free.  It is one of my favorite words!

To enter the drawing for the free ticket you need to  leave me a comment letting me know why attending the Expo for free would be a blessing to your family. 

I will choose the winner on Friday evening at 6 pm PST by using one of those randomizer thingys ( I guess I will have to figure out how those work eh? )

I will notify the winner by blog post, Saturday morning.  Make sure you are a follower of my blog so that you don't miss the notification, and I am able to contact you and let you know you have won!!

****Important considerations****

A very fun part of  The Schoolhouse Expo, are the door prize giveaways.  It is always a collection of physical prizes that are mailed, and downloadable prizes.  For those that live outside the US/Canada, and attend the Expo, you would only be eligible to win the downloadable prizes.  ( unless your Aunt Sally lives in Kansas, and is willing to receive the physical prizes, and then mail them to you in Malaysia....  if that is the case, you can try for ALL the prizes!)


Look for more information soon....  now enter the drawing and leave me a comment!!!

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  1. We are in our second year of homeschooling and I still feel like I am making it up as I go along. I would love the opportunity to really see what is out there and hear from real people who have used things. Plus, I would love to learn to be better with finances and just any other advice from those who have been there. We cannot afford it at the moment as money is very very tight and anything extra is just not possible. So, in short, it would be a blessing because I have so much to learn. :)


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