Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas in January?

Well, I am sure you all will be so pleased to know, I have at least kept up.... with my chores.

My Christmas tree is still up.... and we shan't discuss it. 

But the top of my dresser is clean, my floor is still picked up, and I decluttered my side of closet, and gave away 5 grocery bags of clothes. 

but, my Christmas tree is still up.


I think tonight I will see who I can talk into bringing up the ornament boxes, and getting the tree put away and out.  If my friend comes over and teases me one more time about the tree, I might just die

I know I will see her tomorrow....

guess I better get it done.

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  1. It isn't a Christmas tree, it is now a Valentine's Tree!

    Don't feel bad, my boxes of decorations have been sitting in the living room for two weeks.


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