Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Walk Week 13 : January 24-28

Hello fellow blog walkers......... WELCOME!!
I am on the walk this week and I am excited about all the people who might be stopping by for the first time.
On Saturday, I hope to post an introductory post for what I hope will become a place to ask questions, and get encouragement for families that homeschool their children with ASD.
Make sure you stop by Saturday ( the 22nd) to meet Erin.

Does everyone have their favorite beverage of choice with them?
now get to clicking and meet some amazing homeschool mommas!

1. Clark Clan Craziness
having a clan that is full of it's own craziness, the title immediately draws me in.  A fellow mom of 4, she shares her tips on parenting, and has lots of great reviews. 
2. Doxazo Prep Academy
her "about me" section says she is an eclectic homeschooling mom and she doesn't own a denim jumper...hee hee.... that made me laugh out loud!  it was good I had swallowed my coffee mere seconds before, or my monitor would have needed cleaning  : -)  lots of great reading, and encouragement here.  AMEN to the marriage musings :)
3. My Elastic Life
seriously, I don't need to say anything... blog title says it all.  She says " Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape" I love it!
4. Fun in the Sun
Mom of 4 boys... bless her heart.  I myself have 3 and totally understand what it is to homeschool boys!  There are days you feel like you may lose your mind!  She has a great weekly wrap up post, and great reviews
5. A Teaching Heart
IT"S MEEEEEE!!!!  and you have already found me...!!!   Welcome all to my little part of cyberspace.  I am so looking forward to meeting each of you that stops by.  Leave a comment and let me know what things interest you!  You can also check out my other life... and more personal ramblings at A Day in the Life.

6. Mindful Ramblings
Mom of 2, lots of great stuff.  An absolutely great photo meme ABSee...  I will be coming back and getting lost in this blog.
7. Simple Thoughts
Lots of great reviews from this homeschoolblogger mom.  I look forward to reading more!
8. Joy in Our
Precious mom of two.  Great helps with teaching Latin. Recipes, and other homeschool helps are there for FREE! Former public school educator, now homeschool mom.  Shares a passion for raising Godly children of Character.  Stop by... there is lots to read!
9. Crazy Homeschool Mama
This momma lives near me, by that I mean our states touch.  But I am sure she is hours from me by car..  A Charlotte Masoner, and fellow Ambleside online Curriculum user, her blog is full of lots of information, and just random sharing....  I love random sharing.  It just makes me grab a cup of coffee and get lost in the blog for a post or 10.
10. Walking Home
Mom of 3.  She bakes some cakes, and  the look delicious!  Enjoys scrapbooking, and she is a fellow follower of Living on a Dime.  Lots of Unit Study information here.


  1. Thank you for highlighting our blogs for this week - what fun! I appreciate you taking the time to briefly share what our blogs and websites are all about. That is so helpful to your readers!


  2. Hello! This is a great job, sharing something about each blog. Thanks for joining in the Blog Walk fun.


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