Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich~ more than just toys

Can I just say.... I love little brown packages....  This one wasn't tied up with string, just plain box tape, but I was still completely delighted to open it.  Why?  Because contained within, was 8 of the coolest animal figures I have ever seen.  We got animals we didn't even know existed. There was Przewalskis Horse, a Swabian Hall piglet, a Donkey (we knew that one...) a Dartmoor Pony (all ponys aren't the same?) , an Asian Elephant Calf, an Okapi (a what?), a momma Gnu, and her calf.

All I can say is: Thank you TOS Homeschool Crew for picking me for this one!

How we used them in our Homeschool:

First of all, I think they stayed in the box for about 30 seconds as soon as the boys saw what they were.  They pulled them out of the packaging, muttering "coooool...", and "wow".... "oooh"....
It was another 30 seconds before the sounds of guns and missiles firing at the enemy commenced.
These animal figures have been super heroes, they have been world travelers, they have been best friends.  They have been in and out of boxes, bags, and caves.  They have scaled high mountains and with their horns, blown a path through the summit to save the wagon train....
Name an adventure, my boys have used these critters to act it out.

These figurines are a great way to bring the things that you may be reading about, into your home to play with and help your child use their imagination.  Schleich strives to make their figurines as life like as possible.  They pay very close attention to detail, and seek to have accurate representations of the animals, people, or historical time periods they are representing.
Seriously?  Look at the detail on my little Elephant.  There are wrinkles on the bottoms of  her feet!....  anyone who has been to a zoo knows there are wrinkles on an elephants feet, but no other toy I have ever seen, has added that kind of detail into its molds.
Their eyes are painted very life like as well.  It always seems like this one is looking at me.

They even take the time to put the shoes on the horses.

Do you know a kid that loves Cowboys and Indians?  They've got them.
Do you have a grandson that is in love with Dinosaurs?  They have those.
Do you have a budding Marine Biologist? The ocean life collection is amazing...
Do you know someone fascinated by farm life?  They have cows, pigs, geese, rabbits, horses....
Learning about the Middle Ages?  There are knights, archers, and sentries....
I could keep you here for a year if I listed off all of the 500 items they have to offer.

Go take a look at their website and see all of the different things they have to offer, just click on the picture of their catalog below.

I can't tell you what these cost.  There are no price listings on their website.  They sell through many different retailers.  I suggest that you use their website to locate a retailer near you. Go to a store, pick up the figures and look them over.  Seeing really is believing.  I did check some of the prices on the online retailers that were listed.  For some families, purchasing these figurines for toys, might be expensive, and out of your budget....  I completely understand that.  I will however point out the craftsmanship, and durability of these toys.  All of the photos, above, were taken after over a month of torture and abuse play, by two overly imaginative boys.  These toys have been put through it all.... and they still look great. 
I feel that the products produced by Schleich, are worth the investment.

Age Range the Product is suited for:

Umm.... anyone who is breathing.
Really, my husband played with them. I played with them.  My kids did too, both the teens and the 8 and 3 year old.  Anyone near enough to touch them when the boys took them places..... had to pick them up and play with them.

Click on their catalog.  Take a look for yourself, and see what you can bring into your home to enhance the imaginative play, that reinforces learning. Click HERE to see what fellow crew members had to say about their little box of love....

****disclaimer....aka... the fine print******
As a member of the 2010 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received an assortment of animal figurines from Schleich North America, Inc., free of charge.  These figurines were provided for the purpose of reviewing their product for craftsmanship, quality, and usability within a Homeschool setting to engage a child in imaginative play.  In exchange for these figurines, I offer my honest opinion of their product.  I have received no further compensation, and the above opinions are my own.
blah.  I hate that part.  Makes me sound like a lawyer.


  1. Nice review and photographs. My family enjoyed the figurines as well. Dropping by from the Crew.

  2. Schleich makes the best products! We have bought them for my oldest two boys for years- animals, knights, cowboys, castle items, etc. They have the best detail. I enjoyed your review- I can just see your boys tearing into that box- how cute! My boys are jealous= they don't have all of those animals.... yet. :)

  3. FYI, I had found the best prices for Schleich Toys at:



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