Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Salem Ridge Press ~ A three book review

What a wonderful company this is.  It was started by  homeschool graduate, Daniel Mills, in 2005.  Daniel is committed to bringing quality books, full of history, inspiration, and all around appeal, into the hands of today's young readers.  I will have to say, after reading three of his company's books, he is making good on that commitment.

Salem Ridge Press offers good quality reading material. The books I read were entertaining, thoughtful, and carried a great moral message.  They embody the word wholesome.

The first of the three books was Soldier Fritz.  It is written by Emma Leslie.  Salem Ridge press features it in their Junior Church History SeriesSoldier Fritz sells independently for $10.95 (softcover) and $20.95 (hardcover). I read this book in it's softcover format.  Written originally in 1871, it is recommended for ages 8-adult.
The setting of the book is during the German Reformation (1525-1526).  Young Fritz wants a sword for his birthday, and a kind peddler tells the boy of the great sword he has in his pack..... The Bible.  Fritz chooses the Bible as his gift, so he can be a soldier of truth as Luther.  There are strong lessons in this book about pride, and anger, and the need to choose Christ's way over selfish desires.  If you know a boy or girl who battles these enemies, this book is a must read. 
We have used this book as a family read-aloud, and everyone has enjoyed listening in.

The second book I was given was Young Robin Hood.  I was given this book via Electronic Download.  All of the titles that Salem Ridge Press publishes, are available as E-books through the TOS Schoolhouse StoreYoung Robin Hood  is available in softcover for $10.95 and hardcover for $20.95, and is suited best for children ages 6-10.
Originally published in 1900, and written by George Manville Fenn, this book is an enchanting story of a young boy named Robin who becomes lost in the forest after his father's servant is frightened and deserts him.  Robin, is taken in by Robin Hood, Little John and Maid Marian.  I did not read any of the blurbs provided with this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed some of the twists and turns.  This book is not expressly a "Christian" book, however, the moral messages of kindness, hospitality and forgiveness come across strongly in the way that Robin Hood treats little Robin's father as he arrives to retrieve his son. 
This book is part of Salem Ridge Press' Young Reader's page on their web site. These books are easily read by young readers, and this one in particular kept my 8 year old son CAPTIVATED, as he read.

Lastly I was given Down the Snow Stairs. I received this book in Electronic format.  It is available in a cloth bound cover with a dust jacket for $24.95.  It is also available through E-book download at the TOS Schoolhouse Store  for $10.95.  Originally written in 1887, by Alice Corkran, this book is suitable for all ages.
This book is a wonderful allegory that reminds me of other great allegories such as Pilgrims Progress, and The Chronicles of Narnia.  The main character of the story, Kitty, is a naughty child.  She is worried about her brother, who is ill due to her naughtiness. She travels to a dream land where she learns what the fruit of naughtiness begins to look like.  Cleverly weaved into Naughty Children Land, the subjects of contentment, vanity, greed, are brought up.  You meet a man who has come to live in Naughty Children Land because he loves the children so, and wants them to be good.  His desire is to keep them from Punishment Land...  Much more and I will give the whole story I will just stop now!
I enjoyed reading this book.  We have not read this yet as a family, but I do plan to take it with us on our vacation and read it in the car as we travel.

I think that Salem Ridge Press is doing a wonderful job at bringing wholesome reading material back into print.  If you would like to know more about the company be sure to read about how they choose their books, what their standards are as well as their commitment to uphold them, directly from their website.
Their website is easy to navigate, and understand.  I found the way they grouped their books by either author, age group, historical time period, or A-Z list... very helpful.  It makes it extremely easy to find a book written in a time period you may be studying.

Keep up the great work!  I can't wait to read more!

***** Disclaimer (otherwise known as the fine print...)******
As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was selected to participate in evaluating three books from Salem Ridge Press.  Salem Ridge Press, provided me with three books, one in softcover, and two in PDF format.  These books were provided free of charge and were to be used as the basis of my evaluation.  I am under no obligation to provide a positive review, either for the company or the books, nor have I received any other compensation for this review, which contains my honest opinion.
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