Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun Day

My goal is to get out to more field trips this year.  Just setting aside one day for some real light school, and lots of exploring.

Today we headed down to the River.  I told my husband we went to the park.  He said, "The park isn't a field trip..".  I replied it sure was.  I sat in a field of grass and ate lunch, and we had to take a trip in the car to get there.  There both words were fulfilled.

Nah, really we did more than go just to play at the park.  We went on a very long nature walk, and discovered bugs, lizards, and birds.  We chased lots of birds.

After the bird chasing, we took a long walk along the river....  We are blessed to live a few miles from the Columbia River, and there are many places to explore along the Lewis and Clark Trail.
 Along the river trail, there is a Veterans Memorial.  It was erected to honor all the veterans of every branch of service.  We had a good talk about those we know who have served, and in what wars or conflicts.  We talked about the people we know who are still choosing to serve our country, and what that cost might be to them. We learned the significance of the Blue Star, the Gold Star, and the Silver Star....
So you see, there is much to explore, and learn about, right in your own home town.......  Fall is coming, get out while the weather is still good and explore! Go out and see if you can find a leaf as big as your head!

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  1. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun day!


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