Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mom's Science Camp


I received this email the other day from a Science Resource I often use.
This man Greg Landry M.S. provided online science camps and talks for homeschoolers, he also had camps and such.  Read his email carefully, and please please please nominate someone you know that fits this category.  I was also a wife of a deployed soldier, I know how hard it is.  Please nominate someone you know and be a blessing in their life.

Greg's email:
The Lord has given my family a heart for military

families. I know that I can't begin to understand
the sacrifices they make for our freedom. I'm
very grateful.
We would like to offer a "Mom's Science Retreat"
scholarship to five homeschool moms who have
military husbands who are deployed. We'll also
cover the cost of their gas to drive to the retreat.
Everything, including meals will be covered. It
won't cost them anything.
Will You Enter a Military Family Mom and Child Sit?
Do you know a homeschool mom who fits into this
category? And, would you offer to take care of
her children while she attends the "Mom's Retreat"?

Or, are you a homeschool mom who fits into this
On Wednesday, September 8, we'll draw the names of
five moms out of a hat. They will win a scholarship
to attend and we'll cover the cost of their gas
to get here.
==> Please consider forwarding this scholarship
information to your homeschooling friends or
homeschool group.
Please see "Mom's Science Retreat" dates and details here..
To participate in the scholarship drawing for yourself or
a friend..
1. Email
2. Subject line: Military Mom Scholarship
3. In the body of the message:
- Your name (if different from below):
- Your Email address (if different from below):
- Military mom's..
email address:
Where is husband deployed?
Are you able to attend if chosen?

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