Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Free Stuff

A friend of mine texted me today to tell me there was a Lizard Dude at the Library.  She went, said it was a cute show and that the kids got to hold the lizards.  This got me thinking about other free stuff that might be going on.... and since I really like free stuff...... I thought you might too.

1. Check your Library.  They run many craft, reading and other programs during the summer.

2. Free Lunch. ~ here in my town they have a free lunch program hosted by the school district for kids.  Adults can not eat, only the kids.... but it really is a free lunch.  Check your local school district to see what they offer and where.

3. Free Bowling.  https://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ list of places that have free summer bowling.  This is a nationwide list... CANADA too!!!!!!!!

4. Free Movies ~ many theatres run free movies for kids in the summer.  Also look for outdoor movies sponsored by parks and recreation, or even local businesses.

5. VBS ~ Vacation Bible School.... many area church's host these throughout the summer.  It is a great way for the kids to have fun, and mom to get some work done around the house for a few hours.

6.Water parks ~ in warmer climates there are lots of these.  Local parks with some sort of way the kids can get wet and have some fun.  Pack a lunch, use Popsicles as your ice packs and enjoy the day!

7. Build something! ~ on Saturdays, at 10 am Lowe's has kids workshops.... check your local store.

I will keep looking for fun FREE things to do, feel free to add your fun free things in the comments!

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