Saturday, June 26, 2010

Field Trip Idea

If you live in Eastern Washington or nearby........ and you are looking for a farm to go to for a field trip...

Contact  The Happy Lil Homestead.

They have chickens, you will learn about how laying hens are different than meat chicken.  In the Spring and Summer you will see them raising their meat birds for sale off the farm.
They have goats, you will learn about how they rotate the goats into different pastures and why. You will learn how the raising of chickens benefits the pasture the goats go to.  Learn about which goats are raised for milking, and which goats are for meat.
They have pigs, you will learn about how to raise pigs, what benefits they are to a farm.
They also have Turkeys, Wild Peacocks, a big organic garden.....

Bring your homeschool group, and help them better understand the process that food goes through to get to your table!

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