Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sing Song your way through Latin


Specializing in Latin and Logic products, Classical Academic Press, is committed to bringing excellent products to families and homeschoolers everywhere.   They have again hit the mark with their product Song School Latin, by Amy Rehn.   The Song School Latin book contains a CD with 30 songs, one for each lesson, to help your child use the Latin they will learn.


An easy introduction to Latin grammar for Grades K-3, this book is full of learning.  This book contains over 100 words and phrases.  It really lays down a nice foundation for continuing on in Latin Studies.

In our school we used it with Hunter (3rd grade) and Jeremiah (Pre-K).  We listened to the CD and sang along with the songs, and attempted to pronounce the words.  It was really rather comical in the beginning since I was not familiar with Latin, and tended to murder most of the pronunciations I attempted.

Since Jeremiah is a pre-reader we discussed most of the work in the work book.  I would ask a questions from the pages of the book and the boys would take turns answering.  Sometimes we would just point to the answers that would be in the book.... say on a matching page. For cut out work, I just copied the pages for the boys for them to cut and color.  This seemed to work best to involve the youngest student in all the learning.

The CD does a good job of singing the main words taught in each lesson, as well as the ABC's and Latin vowels.  Whatever you do.....  don't do what I did... and get all freaked out reading the first pages of the book and the pronunciation guides that are there.  They started to make much more sense AFTER we listened to the CD, and began a few lessons.   ..... I really psyched myself out trying to pronounce things from those first few pages.... Just dive in!  It is easier than it reads.  

You will want the Teachers Edition.  It contains all the answers to each page in the workbook and additional worksheets and reinforcement activities.  It was very nice to have additional resources to reinforce with.  I was also sent a sampling of their monkey match game...  The cards are very colorful and easy to read.  We used the ones that were printed with images with Jeremiah.  I would say a word in Latin, and he would pick out the corresponding card in English with the picture.  This would be handy to keep in a purse or backpack, and use while you are waiting in the doctors office, or outside piano lessons.

Hopefully by now you are wondering how to get your own copy of Song School Latin....lemme see... where did I put that paper..... ah... yes, here it is...

The book is available for $22.95
(30 lessons, and the Song CD)

The Teachers Edition is available for $22.95
(all the answers + extra work)

Monkey Match is available for $24.95  (a fun way to reinforce learning)

The best value is the Bundle.... all the above items for $64.95

Don't just take my word for it......  Other TOS Homeschool Crew Members reviewed this product and other products from Classical Academic Press..... you may find their reviews here.

Don't forget to take the time to browse the Classical Academic Press Website and see what other products may benefit your homeschool.

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I recieved a copy of the Song School Latin book,   CD, Teachers Edition, and a sample of Monkey Match, free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All the above opinions are my own.  No other compensation has been received.

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  1. My girls loved the songs too. I freaked out about teaching Latin and after just listening to the CD I relaxed. I am going to buy the cards so we can practice in the waiting room or grocery store. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.


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