Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh the things they say.....

Overheard yesterday afternoon while I was driving..........

Zoey: We are going to get Evan at his school.
Me: Yes we are.
Zoey: We have been there lots of times.
Hunter: Yeah it is his driving school. Do you want Evan to drive us home?
Zoey: (looks at Hunter like he as grown an extra head, and looks a little fearful) ** she shakes her head no**
Hunter: What?... He is a good driver. He drove us to his class. It wasn't even scary at all........

and then............ Jeremiah pipes up from the way back seat.....
" mom.... when we det bact to the dwiving stool.... tan you stay in the dwiving seat?"

really he does a great job... I just find the things they think about his driving sort of humorous.

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