Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Landry Academy Newsletter

Just in case anyone is looking for an online option in Science, this home school dad has a great set up.

Here is the Newsletter I received from them today...  Take a look at the freebie!

Today, Tuesday, December 14,2010 is the last day to

register for online classes and summer camps at
the current early registration discounts.

Fall Online Classes - Big Early Registration Discount

Registration for fall 2011 online classes is open
with a big early registration discount through
today, Tuesday, December 14..
- Math
- Architecture
- Grammar
- Foreign Languages
- Literature
- Art
- Composition
- Science
- Music
- Bible
- History
- Computer
Changes for the Fall 2011 Semester:
- Enhanced classroom
- Reduced tuition structure
- Larger early registration discounts
- Video teacher view
- Longer classes
- Enhanced testing / assignment structure
Details are here..
Summer 2011 Camps - Big Early Registration Discount

Students have attended our Christ-centered
summer camps from every U.S. state and seven
Big early registration discounts through today,
Tuesday, December 14..

- Camp Theatre
- Camps Strings (violin, Cello, viola, bass)
- Camp Christian Music Jam
- Camp Computer
- Camp Math
- Camp Journalism / Creative Writing
- Camp Anatomy and Physiology
- Camp Law
- Camp Biology
- Camp Chemistry
- Camp Physics
- Camp Broadcast
- Camp Politics
- Camp Spanish
- Camp Biology
- Camp Chemistry
- Camp Physics
- Camp French
- Camp German
- Camp Architecture / Drafting
- Camp Criminal Justice
- Camp Missions
- Camp Photography
- Camp Draw
- Camp Voice
- Camp Civil War

Details are here..
This Issue's Freebie..
$100 Amazon gift card.

We'll send this freebie to the one person whose
email message we receive closest to exactly
9:27:00 pm eastern time today.
To be eligible, you must follow these instructions:
- at exactly 9:27:00 pm eastern time today, send
email to: greg@LandryAcademy.com

subject line should be: "I Love Books"
- in the body of the message: your name, age,
mailing address, city / state.
- please email us ONE time only
- If you're under 18, please get your parent's
permission before emailing us
- The one person whose email message we receive
closest to exactly 9:27:00 pm eastern time today
will be the winner.
We'll notify the winner via email. :)

If you have questions, don't hesitate to call or
email me: Greg@LandryAcademy.com or by phone
In His Grip,

Greg Landry, M.S.
office: 828-265-4101

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