Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gratituesday: Christmas Blessings

I just found this Meme today, and well, I liked the name.  I think Gratitude is something often overlooked in our ME oriented society.

I am extremely grateful for Christmas this year.  Not because of gifts, not because of all the food, but because we were home.  Our year this year has been BUSY!  International travel, cross state drives, cross country flights.... It has been a wonderful whirlwind, and as December is winding to a close, we are finally slowing down and settling in for the winter.

Christmas this year meant that we had an extra family member with us.  For the first time in over 10 years, my older children were able to spend Christmas with both of their parents.  Their dad flew out and stayed with us in our guest room.  It has been a relaxing visit.  Full of movies, late night conversations, laughter, and today when we take him to the airport, I am sure there will be tears.  His visit has truly been a blessing.

Take some time to reflect during this week between Christmas and the New Year.  Ask yourself what things you are thankful for.

To see what other mom's are thankful for hop on over to HeavenlyHomemakers and visit the other people who have linked up to share their stories of Gratitude.

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