Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock....

Time is running out!

I really don't want you to miss out on the Early Bird Pricing that is available for The Schoolhouse Expo...  So stop reading this post....  click HERE....... and go get your ticket!

GO on.... do it!
What are you waiting for?

Early Bird pricing($19.95) is over at Midnight (EST)  February 9, 2011

Now GO!

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  1. I stopped by to let you know that I just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. :) To see what you need to do, just visit my blog for the "rules." I also signed up to follow you on GFC while I was here. I'd love it if you'd follow me back.

    I also want to say thank you for your great Expo posts!


    from the Crew and the Expo Squad :)


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