Friday, February 11, 2011

Stylish Blogger award? ~ who me?

I received a note from Wendy over at Homeschool Blessings that she awarded me a Stylish Blogger award.
My initial reaction was: "Aww, how sweet."

Immediately followed by.... " I am so not stylish.."

I mean really, sitting here in my washed out jeans, Ocean Week 2005 T-shirt from the school I used to work at, my hair barely done and in desperate need of dye, drinking my coffee out of a slightly chipped cup...
well it just isn't a word that I would use to describe me....

ANY~ WAY....Thank you so much Wendy for thinking of me!

This award comes with some rules....
I am supposed to Thank and Link back to the person that Awarded me (check)
Share 7 things about myself...(ugh)
Award 15 other bloggers with this same honor (do I know that many people?)
Contact these bloggers and let them know about their award. (sounds easy enough)

I better get on with it....
7 things about myself........ hmmmm

1. I just turned 40 in October.  So far I have lived to tell about it.  My mom told me on the phone the other day, that she can't even believe she has a child that is 40....  don't worry mom, I can hardly believe it either :)

2. I secretly wish I could live in an RV and travel around the country.

3.  I have had the following jobs, Bank Teller, Collections Agent, Teachers Aide at a School for the Deaf, Bartender, Waitress, Bar Manager, Sold Industrial Fans, Pampered Chef, and Mary Kay, Kindergarten Teachers Aide, School Bus Driver, School Secretary.

4.  I have flown an airplane, a little one, with supervision, when I was about 8.

5.  My kids do something every day that makes me laugh.

6.  I have learned that when you move 750 miles from your parents, sisters and pretty much everyone you have known for your whole life, then ship your husband off to Iraq for a year only to find out you are (Surprise!) pregnant.....  you will live through the experience.

7.  I really like to cook.  I also like to teach people about cooking.  I find people are scared of it...  I want more people to know it doesn't have to be hard to make good food for your family.

OK.......  'nuff about me....
My 15 blogs are more like 7....  but that's ok.  I really would like to have you check these folks out. Some are on the list because I know them personally,  others I know only through the window of the Internet.  All of them I enjoy reading.  Only a few on the list have anything at all to do with Homeschooling.

1. Clothesline Musings
2. Interruptions
3. Pink and Orange Coffee
4. Everyday Christine
5. The Rest is still Unwritten
6. My Unrehearsed, Well-Examined Life
7. Consider the Lilies

Congratulations guys!


  1. Hi Julie! I have the same "style" that you have! :D I call it "comfortable." :) Oh, and I'll be 40 in a few days. I don't even mind. I always tell folks that it's better than the alternative!

  2. Well, gee. Thank you so much for passing on the Stylish Award to me. I greatly appreciate it and I am working on my own post today.


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