Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

We are ready to start SCHOOL! 
For some it might seem early, and for others it might seem late, but for me this is the earliest I have started a year EVER!

We have again decided to go along with Ambleside Online's Curriculum.  My two high schoolers will be working off Year 10, and it sure looks to be a busy year!   The reading lists provided with this curriculum are quite comprehensive and I dare say the average public high school student is not as well read as the kids will be at the end of this year. My third grader will be working on year 2, but with 3rd grade math and science.  I really like how I can incorporate the Science (Apologia ) and Math ( Teaching Textbooks ) that we have found to work well with our family.

Our Book List for the First Term is:
  for Evan and Tayler:
For Hunter:
  • An Island Story ~  H.E. Marshall
  • This Country of Ours ~ H.E. Marshall
  • Trial and Triumph~ Richard Hannula
  • The Little Duke ~ Charlotte Yonge
  • Tree in the Trail~ Holling C. Holling
  • The Burgess Bird Book ~ Thorton Burgess
  • Tales from Shakespeare ~ Charles and Mary Lamb
  • Parables from Nature~ Margaret Gatty
  • Pilgrims Progress ~ John Bunyan
  • Understood Betsy ~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher
For links to the books on Hunter's list please click here.  Many are available for download online or at the library.

Some books are worked on through out the year, others completed in the first term ( Sept- Nov )

Here is a week long work list for the High Schoolers ( we take some of the things away from AO's list, and at times we will add other things )
Week 01

Bible: 2 Cor 1-2& Ephesians 1
Devotional: Knowing God JI Packer ch. 1, 2
Arguing Slavery ch 1 and 2
*Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin ch 1, 2
*Up From Slavery Introduction, ch 1
*Eothen ch 1, 2
Plutarch: Julius Ceasar (read until Paragraph 280)
Character is Destiny ch 1
Evaluating Books pg 8-15
The Law, Bastiat, The law perverted!, Life is a Gift From God, What is Law?, A Just and Enduring Government, The Complete Perversion of the Law,
Current Events: write a summary of current events for every day in this week
Uncle Tom's Cabin ch 1-4
Shakespeare: Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 1
Poetry: Samuel Taylor Coleridge “Forbarance”
The Book on Writing ch 1
Writing Assignments: TBD
Copywork : Write out “Forbarance” in your Journal
Continue working through your Math program Evan-Geometry, Tayler- Algebra: 1 lesson a day
Science Evan- Physical Science Chapter 1 ; Tayler Biology Chapter 1
Six Easy Pieces - pg ix-vviii Introduction
Walden 1. Economy - A and B
Nature Study: Record Weather patterns in your Journal ( include drawings if able)
Fallacy Detective by N and H Bluedorn Lesson 1
Foreign Language: Spanish ( use dad’s Rosetta Stone CD)
Work and Life Skills - Chores, look for ways to help Lisa ( home) and your Dad ( work) Record activities done in journal

And for Hunter....  to this will be added his math, science, writing, and reading programs:

Week 1

The Bible
An Island Story ch 22 Harold
Trial and Triumph 10. Charlemagne Protector of the Church (742-814 AD)
The Little Duke - first half of chapter 1
Tree in the Trail chapter 1
Burgess Animal Book I Jenny Wren Gives Peter Rabbit an Idea, II Peter and Jumper Go To School
Poetry of Walter de la Mare
Shakespeare: The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Pilgrim's Progress: about 800 words every week

If you have any questions about the curriculum we use, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer.
Happy Schooling to you!

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