Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeschooling is MY labor of love......

Really it is.


Even on the days when one or more children are in tears.......

Even on the days when mommy is in tears........

Whenever I hear the word Labor....  I think of Birth.  Sorry, I have had 4 kids... what can I say...the process is indelibly etched in my mind.  Labor, especially for homeschoolers, doesn't end with a doctor handing you a baby..... For homeschoolers, the job has just BEGUN!....  The end result, a well trained mind.

When a mom goes into Labor, she takes along a coach.  Usually it is dad, who has been drug to all these special classes, and for the life of him can't figure out why all these women want to sit in a room and pant....
If we are that prepared, and practiced up for what will amount to HOURS out of our lives..... shouldn't we be well coached and mentored in our Homeschool laboring?

It is this encouragement, and coaching that I love so much from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  When it arrives in my mailbox...... the mere sight of it is relaxing, and refreshing.  I know that encased inside that clear plastic sleeve, is words from people laboring just like me.  They have words of inspiration, comfort, and discipleship.  They have new ideas to share, or a fresh way to tackle a problem I have been having.

My dear magazine is having a great sale, from August 31 to midnight PST Sept 15th, to celebrate this labor of love that they share with me.  They are offering 5000, one year subscriptions for the low price of $7.95.  Your first issue will be the Winter one. This is a great price.  It is less than $2.00 an issue!  If you are in a hurry to see what the magazine is all about, then chose the option that will get the upcoming Fall issue in your hands, for $12.95.  At this price, you could give another homeschooler the gift of encouragement!  Don't wait, when the 5000 are gone....... the deal goes away.  Get your next issue here!

Don't wait to try this magazine out.  I stumbled onto it a few years ago, and I look forward to every issue. 

*** disclaimer*** as a part of the homeschool crew....  i will receive the ability to download  "expo to go" for free, for sharing this information with you.......  but really you do need to get this magazine.  (I already say that over there in "cool stuff", and that was WAY before I ever was on the homeschool crew.........)

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