Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spiders and Such

Back in May we came outside one morning and found this extraordinary web/nest of little yellow spiders.  They were  clinging in a ball, not anxious to move or scatter to the ends of the earth.  They slowly migrated from one lavender stalk, to another one about 6 inches away, re-grouped, and moved back, all in the course of about 2 days.
This of course was a great time of observation by all the kids.  They sat there for quite awhile each day, discussing the type of spider they were, why they would be moving their cluster, but not leaving it.  How many days they would be there, where they came from in the first place since we never saw an egg bundle.  It was a great nature study for them for a few days.  Another small reason why we love to homeschool. Learning is all around us, we only need to stop and look at the Lavender to see it.

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