Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blessings on the GO!

The E-book : Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others, is FULL of excellent information.  It is written by Donna Rees, and Published by The Old Schoolhouse.  It sells for $12.95 and is 91 pages that you can read  immediately after purchase.... no waiting for shipping on that 'jungle' going to the mall and trying to guess what section the book will be in.  With E-books, it is click, click and read!

I will admit that when I had seen the blurb about this book many months previous to being able to review it; I thought, "Well, there is a book that is going to just encourage me to go out and spend money I don't have." I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the content of this book.  Yes, there are ideas in here for purchasing items and there are others that just take time and some imagination.  The whole idea is to be creative, and figure out how you can bless another family, or even your OWN as you travel.  I can think of countless trips we have taken as a family where a kit like the ones mentioned in the book, would have been a blessing beyond imagination.

This book couldn't have come at a better time, we were about to take a very long trip to Mexico.  We went for a missions trip with about 20 people two of which were in the 5-12 age bracket.  I decided my spending limit was $10.  I headed off to a local craft store where I knew they have many things to keep little hands occupied.  For $9.76 I was able to purchase quite a bit of stuff.  Since you can't take wrapped items on a plane.....  I kept the items in MY back pack, and to pull out as I saw that bored look.... you know the one,  the one that says " HELP ME!!!  I MUST RUN DOWN THE ISLES, I MUST JUMP IN MY SEAT!!"  Yeah, so that is when the paint cards, memory games, and bead crafts came in handy.  Our group got very sick three days into our trip;  all except our little travelers.  Having this travel kit with us was the biggest blessing during that time.  They were able to paint, braid, color, and play card games..... instead of being restless that they were cooped up with a bunch of sick teens.

The Bonus Section contains car friendly snack recipes, tips from fellow traveling moms ( the ideas in this part alone are worth the cost of the book), and a book list by age to keep them entertained on the road.

This book is great for any person who has ever been in a car, or even a plane, with kids, or knows someone who will be in a car or plane with kids.  Order it, and let your imagination run wild!

****DISCLAIMER****this review was done as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I received this book for free, in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  No other compensation was provided.**

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  1. How wonderful that you were able to use these ideas for your trip. I'm glad it was such a success. I hope you have a great weekend.


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