Tuesday, July 6, 2010

more blogs to check out

These blogs were from the very first week we were given a blog list to look through.  ( you can tell I was not hip to this whole process then)

1. Reaping a Harvest

2.  Pink & Orange Coffee

3.  Live, Laugh, Learn!

4.  Mrs. Mandy's Musings

5. The Fantastic Five

6.  Refined Metals Academy

7.  Just A Moment in Time

8. Providence Farm ~ not a blog, but a family business site.  They own a farm, and have field trip options.

9. My Journey

10.  Petra School

I just love some of the titles to these blogs.  I hope you find them informative and exciting to read.  I will say this... the Petra School........ it is where I would LOVE to live someday.... sigh.....

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