Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Combating the AAAAHHHHH factor

There is a test question that sometimes plays in my mind, it goes a little like this:
1.  On some days Julie just want to: A.)  throw in the towel, B.) hang up my hat, C.)  move to Brazil, alone  D.)  send my kids to military school.......  and there are days........when..... I really wish there was option E.)  all of the above!

Ever felt like that?

Sometimes the choice to educate your children can feel so overwhelming.  You wonder if you are even getting through to them.  You wonder why you even bother to make a lesson plan if they are just going to ignore it.  Why was it again you slaved over a schedule?  You ask yourself why you ever thought it was a good idea to buy  that critical thinking curriculum... because now they can argue circles around you..... sigh.... ......It is thought after thought, reason after reason.... all negative thinking.... and not how God calls us to be.

As believers we are told not to let our circumstances dictate our joy.  In Philippians, we are told to rejoice ALWAYS....
I know, I can hear you already... but JU....LIE, you whine..... you just don't know what my days are like!  How can I choose to be joyful when the baby is crying, the three year old is fingerpainting with his jelly on the dining room wall, the 3rd grader doesn't want to read, and my junior higher rolled her eyes stormed off and slammed the door in my face when all I asked her to do was her Pre-Algebra!??!  (all I can say is.... where do you think I came up with that example?  I have lived days like that!)

If your focus is on the whelming in your day.... it will surely take you OVER!  Examine how much time in your day you spend talking with the Lord. Take your children to the Lord before your day starts....  Take them to the Lord when they want to be difficult.  Pray as a group if you feel the day starting to get away from you.  Daily time in your Bible is the best "teachers manual" you will ever read.

Aside from these very important things, surround yourself with encouragement. Every homeschooling mom needs a cheerleader.  Husbands are wonderful for this, and mine does a great job, but sometimes you need to hear from others that are in the trenches with you!   Seek out a co-op or other homeschool group where you can share ideas, ask for advice, and prayer.   Sign up for newsletters that have encouragement, (you don't have to read them all, but they will be there for the days you need the extra encouragement), go to a local homeschool conference and hear what other educators have to share.  If you live to far from a convention or conference, look for online options.  There is a great one coming up in May, the 12th through the 14th..... it is only $20.  ( $24.99 after March 31).  If you on a budget, there is no better way to attend one of these.... you never leave home, no resturant meals, rental cars, airfare, crazy gas prices.... just information and encouragement.   I hope to "see" you there!   click here to check it out.....  The Schoolhouse Expo

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