Monday, May 16, 2011

unlock a world of wonder with WONDERMAPS... by Bright Ideas Press.

Now, in your best Superhero Narrator voice.... say  WON-der MAPS!!  because that is how I hear it in my head.  (sorry had to share that....  I will get on with the review now......)

Have you ever been working on a project and wished that you had map to go with it?  Ever wished you could just find a map of the States, or even just ONE state without having to comb through sixty websites to find on that could print to fit one page?

Well, I found it for you.  A map program that does all that and more.....

Bright Ideas Press.... Bright Ideas Press Logo
one of the all time great curriculum providers for homeschoolers...... has hit it out of the park again..... with their new product WONDERMAPS.
Wondermaps Logo

This product WILL be used by every member of your family, no matter what grade level.  It will be used by your high schoolers as they work on New or Old Testament Survey courses.  It will be used by your elementary children as they learn about the States.  You, your husband, and your kids will use it for your personal bible studies....  it really is amazing.

A BRAND NEW product........priced at $49.95, for over 350 maps.....  It is a VERY worthwhile investment for your homeschool.
Let me see if I can explain to you what sets WONDERMAPS apart from the maps that you can get free off the Internet... ( Shhhhh don't tell anyone, I am a big freebie map finder.  I don't like to pay for maps.)  

{Reason 1 : }  Saves time!  Sometimes in my quest to never pay for maps... I spend half a day searching and searching for the perfect one with the perfect information for the lesson we are on.  I so easily forget that my TIME is WORTH something.  While I may not pay for the map in money..... I way over paid in TIME...  and believe me my laundry room, and kitchen are both wrecks because of it!

{Reason 2 :} I can't manipulate my "free" map.  WONDERMAPS......  is completely adjustable.  Each map is made up of a series of customizable layers.  So you can print in color... or black and white.... you can print topographically or not.  You may have latitude and longitude lines or not.  Take away state names or leave them.  Test on state capitals?  Print out maps with them.... and go back and create a test map to print with out them.  By far, I have to say that this is the BEST feature of the program.  Being able to make the EXACT map you need to fit your school needs.... is stupendous.

Check out the map of Australia here.....  to see the difference in some of the layering effects.



{Reason 3 :}   The program already contains maps from existing history curricula. 

If you use Mystery of History, or All American History....  WONDERMAPS has the maps loaded right in!  When I used MOH 1 a few years back.... I cut all the maps out of the back of the book with an exacto knife.... categorized them and have kept them neat for the last few years until the next child needed them.  While the maps are not available with layering.... they are EXACTLY like they are in the text book.  There are answer keys.....  Now with a few clicks you can have all your maps for the year printed and filed.... ready to go. I probably would have sold a kid to have something like this a few years back for MOH.... now with a child using it next year....  I can't wait to use WONDERMAPS to help make all the mapping lessons easier!

P.S.... if you register your product on the Bright Ideas Press website...... they will send you updates of new maps when they become available.   I hear a MOH 4 is in the works and they will send you the updates for that when they are available.

I really could go on and on... but I think it only fair to let you watch a tutorial of the product (the same one I viewed before beginning to use WONDERMAPS)  and see for yourself all of the great things that it can do.

Cool eh?  That is what I thought too after watching.... I couldn't wait to get started !   Oh and I almost forgot to mention that there is a Teachers Guide with lots of helpful ideas, and a sample Unit Study.  It even has a recipe for making salt dough maps!  You really could just cycle through all of the Themed Maps and use this program for Geography on its own. 

Head on over to Bright Ideas Press and see some of the other wonderful and affordable History, Science and Geography products that are available for use in your homeschool.

A big thank you to the folks who created WONDERMAPS....... you have cured me forever of searching endlessly on the Internet for maps.  I will now just open my WONDERMAPS and know that I have exactly what I will need all in one place.

Lots of other families reviewed WONDERMAPS in their homeschool.  Visit the TOS Homeschool Review Crew page to see what things they are saying about this product.

If you are a TOS Magazine subscriber.  Look in the Spring Edition...... There is a coupon for 20% off of WONDERMAPS

Bright Idea Press supplied TOS Homeschool Crew Members with access to WONDERMAPS free of charge for the purpose of this review. No other compensation has been received.  There is no obligation to provide a positive review.  All of the above opinions are my own.

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