Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Music Lessons Made Easy on Mom ~ Kinderbach Online Piano Classes

We had a good time learning to play the piano with Kinderbach.
Jeremiah, age 4,  was our primary tester for this product.

This pretty much sums up his feelings on the program.....
A big thumbs up.

My initial thoughts about the program,   ~ before we actually used it ~,  were that it was going to be piano lessons for little kids....  and I wasn't quite sure how it was going to work... but we would give it a shot.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at what the program ACTUALLY does.  It is much more than I thought it would be.

Yes, it teaches your child the notes on the piano, but it really makes music theory come alive.  They will learn more about Rhythm, Intervals and Musical Patterns.  Each lesson uses a great multi-sensory approach.  They learn through listening, seeing, writing, and playing.

Through engaging and lively lessons, Kinderbach will gradually train your child to play the piano. The characters are fun, and help the child remember and associate pictures with all those black and white keys that look the same. This makes the program great for children that are not yet reading. 

Sometimes online classes are hard to follow.  The video clips can come across garbled.  I assure you that with Kinderbach,  THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!    Kerri Gregor, the founder, creator, and presenter of the online classes....  is excited and engaging.  She speaks directly to the children, slowly and clearly.  They are able to hear her directions and follow along with out any trouble.

Jeremiah enjoyed working on one whole week at a time.  Just one lesson wasn't enough for him.... he wanted to do the whole week in one day.  It was great for me to be able to print out the papers he would need right from the lesson screen, and let him get to work. If the lesson required him to actually be on the piano, I would set him up over the wireless Internet connection and place the laptop on top of the piano.  He loved having the computer and independence doing school like a big kid. 

Kinderbach is created for children ages 3-6.  They offer subscriptions to their ONLINE classes for $95.88 a year or monthly subscriptions for $19.99. 

If you have a slower Internet connection, they offer DVD/CD collections, that start at $40.55

If you are a member of a co-op and are looking for a great music program to use with the little kids while the big kids make rockets..... check out their Kinderbach Classroom option.

If you would like to incorporate a great musical foundation into your homeschool curriculum and really have no idea where to start, I would recommend this program.  If you purchase the yearly subscription.... it breaks down to only $7.99 a month.  Trust me...  I have two bigger kids in regular piano lessons.... and Kinderbach is a great price!!!

Don't just take my word for it....  Use the Kinderbach Free Trial...... and  head on over the the TOS Homeschool Crew page and read how other families used this in their homeschool.

As a Homeschool Crew member, I was given access to the Kinderbach Online Classes, free of charge.  Doing so enabled me to write this review.  No other compensation has been received.  What you read above, is our own opinion of the product.

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