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Buckets-O-Fun Review: Ick, Ack and Gack!

Buckets-O-FunWhen I saw that I was going to be reviewing something from Buckets-O-Fun, I could only begin to imagine what it might be.  You see, I prefer to wait until the product arrives before I go and search out the website.  I like the little surprises that arrive in the mail.

I must say that the name of this company did not disappoint my vivid imagination.  I have lots of boys and I could just guess it would be something fun to play with.  In my manila envelope was a small but powerful sample of deliciously gross goo.  The boys were nearly vibrating with anticipation at the thought of getting to run their fingers through the various forms of slime that were pictured on the brochure.  Not a one of the items that were sent were a disappointment, they all provided afternoons of sloshing and slushing, digging and squishing. The "Yuck" products are most assuredly and item geared to the Kinetic learner!

The first item to try was the Chunky Yuck
chunky It starts out small...  dry, it reminds me of large Kosher Salt, or perhaps Sea Salt Crystals...  it swells when you add water to the size of ice cube machine cubes.  I don't think I can describe to you the strangeness that happens when you see what looks like ice in a bowl, and plunge in your hands, and it isn't super cold...  it is just room temperature.  It kinda freaks you out a little bit.   Then you want to touch it more.  You want to hide things in it, you try to squeeze it,  you breathe on it wondering if it will melt.  It kept the boys totally enthralled for over an hour.
Chunky Yuck sells for $16.00 a pound, and makes about 35-60 gallons.

Then there was Snowy Yuck.
snowy  This was another one that throws your brain for a loop. It really looks like SNOW!  You can play with it frostbite free!  This one didn't keep the boys entertained as long as the chunky, but they still had lots of fun playing with it.
Snowy Yuck sells for $20.00 a pound, and makes 25-50 gallons.

There was Saucy Yuck.
saucy This one feels like clear no sugar, applesauce.  This Yuck begs to be shot out of things at people. It calls out to you " Put me in a balloon, and throw me" , "Squirt me out of a rocket.... Lay me on a slip and slide..."  This Yuck would be PERFECT for what our youth group calls "water" day.    My boys enjoyed the consistency of this Yuck.  They wanted to do the water balloon thing, but the part of me that knew I would be the one cleaning up all the mess, just couldn't let them do it.  I told my husband if we get some more of this one, I will have to leave the house and let them go for it....  I just can't watch it.  I will come back when it is all cleaned up!
Saucy Yuck sells for $18.00 a pound, and makes 35-60 gallons.

The last Yuck was the Sticky Yuck.
sticky I must be honest.  This Yuck is still in the bag.  I didn't make this one.  I haven't been able to bring myself to concoct this sticky, snot-like substance.  I know my boys will love it.  I however, cringe at the very thought.  So in the bag it has stayed.  I am sure that one day Dad will bring it out and be the hero of the house.  I however, will be somewhere else, when that day comes.
Sticky Yuck sells for $20.00 a pound, and makes 5-10 gallons of snot.

Now these products were fun to try, and the kids really had a great time playing with them.  In the literature that was sent to us, there was a brochure to incorporate the Yuck into a Science Experiment.  We did all the observations that were listed and it did make for interesting lessons.  It was helpful to gain a hands on experience with polymers.  We were able to discuss what types of natural polymers were at work in our own bodies and helped to hold them together.  All of the fun aside,  I am not sure that the Yuck is really cost effective for the average homeschooler.  If I were to purchase all of the Yucks that were provided in my sample review pack, I would have paid $74.00 before any shipping and handling costs.  The four pounds of dry Yuck would have made, 100-108 GALLONS of Yuck.  While perfect quantities for larger groups, such as a homeschool co-op or youth group, it seems like a bit much for an average homeschool family of say, 4 kids.  I wonder if it might be a good idea to market a smaller value pack for homeschoolers, of say a 1/4 pound of each Yuck, for $20.00.  I think that homeschool families would be more inclined to use this product to reinforce their science curriculum if it were available to them in more manageable quantities.

Really though, this stuff was F-U-N!!!  Everyone enjoyed playing with it immensely.  If you are looking for a great hands on way to learn more about molecules, polymers, and cellular structure, this stuff is a great tool.  I would recommend going to their website, Buckets-O-Fun, and asking them to send you a free sample.
They also sell lots of different items that are great for use in a co-op, a church organization like Awana or Master Clubs, or for Youth Group activities.

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As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I was sent a sample package of Yuck products from Buckets-O-Fun, for the purpose of reviewing their product and providing my honest opinion of it.  No other compensation was given.

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  1. I am one of those weird germ and mess moms. With 6 kids I have seen enough "snot"!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I also answered you in a separate comment over there. :) Thanks for the visit!


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