Friday, November 12, 2010

Field Trip to the Oregon Coast

We love to camp.  We haven't camped in a few years, actually since 2005 I think.  We have a favorite spot on the Oregon Coast where we go, about 25 miles north of Coos Bay/ North Bend, OR. 

Big Daddy grew up there, so it is fun to hear the stories of what it was like when he lived there.  The beauty that is the Oregon Coast can not be experienced through description, one must go, see, smell, experience it in person.

We explored the tide pools at Sunset Beach, looking at all the fish that were trapped till the next tide.  We found tons of Hermit Crabs, and thousands of sea anemones. 

At the end of the bay out near the breakwater, we came across this guy, nestled in the rocks.  Nearly gave the ones who were up ahead a heart attack when he sat up. He was tolerant of our being there and let me snap quite a few pictures.  We tried to see if he was hurt, but we couldn't tell.  Hope he made it out on the next tide.

We went to Bandon, OR.  Walked along the wharf, had fish and chips that are really a must do if you are ever there. 

We learned the history of the area, and about is ecosystem.

we went to the docks where men were crabbing, and there were about 4 harbor seals that were swimming around raiding the crab pots from below, and waiting for the men to throw back the ones that were too small to keep.

Our campground, at Umpqua Lighthouse is amazing.  We have stayed there every time we go.

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