Thursday, May 13, 2010

Expo moments part 1

Right now I am listening to Nancy Carter speak from my computer.... and I am typing in another screen. (multi-task much?)  I am attending Day 2 of the Schoolhouse Expo.  It has been so full of wonderful information.

Just a few highlights....  Yesterday I enjoyed the session on Phonics Road to Reading....  It looks like an amazing phonics based grammar curriculum.  This is an area I would like my kids to be strong in, and I am prayerfully considering purchasing it.  Also I enjoyed the session on Worldview... by Gary Bates.  My older kids listened in on that session with me, and we were blessed.

Today, so far, ( it is only half way done....) the WorkBox system by Sue Patrick.... might just change my life and the way school gets done around here.  I am praying about how to best implement that...

Right now is Deborah Wuehler's devotion......... got to go!

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